Maternity survey reveals Bolton rates highly

The results of the 2018 national maternity survey highlight Bolton NHS Foundation Trust as being in the top 20% in the country for many aspects of their maternity care.

The survey asked over 17,500 women in England who had a baby in February of last year to score their experience against a number of factors.

Many women who had their baby at one of the units run by the Trust, rated the care they received from midwives highly, saying that they were given enough information about their physical recovery and help and advice about feeding their baby. The unit also scored highly around midwives listening to women and taking their personal circumstances into account. When asked about the time spent in hospital after the birth, the majority of women reported that they felt the length of time they stayed was right for their needs.

Whilst the results were overwhelmingly positive, there were areas that women felt the Trust could do better in. These included giving more information around choices of where they could receive their postnatal care, and their partner/relative being able to stay for longer with them on the ward.

Valerie Clare, Head of Midwifery for Bolton NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We’re currently the only trust in Greater Manchester to offer women all four options of where to birth their baby; at home supported by our midwives, at our freestanding midwifery unit, Ingleside Birth Centre, and at the Royal Bolton Hospital where you can give birth supported by either midwives, or midwives and doctors depending on your individual needs.

“We’re really pleased with the feedback we’ve received through the national maternity survey. We’re doing so much at the moment within maternity services to make sure that women and their families have the best possible experience when they give birth at one of our facilities, or at home.

“To hear that so many women who have given birth with us, had confidence and trust in the staff caring for them, assures me that we’re on the right track.

“We’re already addressing the feedback we’ve had where we could have done better; including piloting partners being able to stay on the ward, and introducing a Continuity of Carer team so that as many women as possible receive their care from the same team of midwives, before, during and after birth.”

Bolton was one of seven national pioneers for the Better Births maternity transformation programme.  Since the survey was undertaken we now offer all women wider choice and personalised care at the different times throughout their pregnancy, birth and after the baby is born.

The national maternity survey is undertaken by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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