Tinnitus Awareness Week

During Tinnitus Awareness Week, 4-10th February, the team from Bolton NHS Foundation Trust will be raising awareness of the work of the team.

There will be a stand in the main entrance to the hospital for part of the week, with information and products to help people manage their tinnitus. Information can be found during the week in the Audiology department.

The team will be appearing on Bolton FM during the week, along with a member of their support group talking about their condition.

The next meeting of the Tinnitus Support Group will be held on Wednesday 6thFebruary, at Café Italia in Bolton. A guest speaker from Action on hearing loss will be available to talk about the support they can offer. A member of the group will be reading his own poetry and talking about how this has helped him manage his condition.

About the Tinnitus team

Location: Audiology Department, Royal Bolton Hospital

What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is the term used to describe any sound that a person can hear that is not present in their external environment. People with tinnitus can have different types of sound in one of their ears, both ears or in their head. Some of these sounds may be described as ringing, buzzing, whistling or humming.

Rehabilitation audiologists provide equipment, information and support. They work with patients to deliver personalised tinnitus management programmes.

About the service: The tinnitus service is a team of audiologists who specialise in delivering tinnitus management and advice, working very closely with ear, nose and throat consultants.

The service helps those patients struggling to cope with hearing internal noises in their ears which can cause incredible levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Treatment employs the use of structured counselling, relaxation techniques, stress management, advice on equipment to use to mask the tinnitus, phone based app therapies and management tools, and fitting of hearing aid masking devices where indicated.

Given the high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression that can arise from tinnitus, the team are acutely aware of the need to identify mental health issues and signpost patients to GPs or community services accordingly.

In extreme cases we will take a patient to the emergency department for more immediate help if necessary. We are keen to develop a one stop tinnitus clinic, to give patients better, more timely access to services. The aim would be to avoid the escalation of mental health issues that can arise and manage patients more easily.

Support group: The tinnitus team co-ordinate and support the local Tinnitus Support Group in Bolton which runs on the first Wednesday of every other month.

The next meeting is Wednesday 6th February, 7-9pm at Café Italia in Bolton.

This has given some people access to support and advice regarding their tinnitus that they’d not been able to obtain from their GP, and given them guidance on how to access tinnitus services. There is a specialist speaker at these meeting and there is no charge to attend. All are welcome.

Please ring Audiology 01204 390435 for future times and locations.

Team contact: 01204 390435

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