Bolton NHS Foundation Trust among the best NHS trusts for quality of care

NHS Staff Survey 2018Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is among the best for the quality of care it gives patients, according to an NHS survey.

The NHS Staff Survey is carried out every year by all NHS organisations to seek the views of the staff who work within the NHS to find out how they feel about their workplace and what can be improved. Being done over several years can be useful for Trusts to identify themes and where they need to concentrate their efforts and activities to make a positive difference.

Nurse with patientOverall, staff who work at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust who took part in the anonymous survey rated the Trust above average in areas such as work on equality, diversity and inclusion; health and wellbeing; for morale; a safety culture and staff engagement.

For the quality of care the Trust offers, staff scores put Bolton at the very top and among the best in the country (7.9 out of 10) which was a figure not beaten by any other trust that provides both acute and community care. 89% of staff said they were satisfied with the quality of care they give to patients and 92.9% said they felt their role makes a difference.

Bolton NHS FT was also rated for providing an environment where staff felt safe and free from violence (9.4 out of 10) and for its work on ensuring staff work in an inclusive workplace where the race and religion of staff members is respected and efforts are made to ensure equality for all (9.2 out of 10).

The majority of staff were motivated to come to work with 81.9% saying they felt ‘enthusiastic’ about their job – the highest score out of all similar NHS Trusts in the country. 70.6% said they would recommend the organisation as a place to work and 75.1% as a place they would recommend to their friend or relative to receive treatment.


Trish Armstrong-Child, Director of Nursing and Deputy Chief Executive

Deputy Chief Executive Trish Armstrong-Child said: “We really do value the opinion of all our staff and the NHS staff survey is one of a number of ways to ensure their views are heard.

“Our NHS Staff Survey results show a solid performance across several key areas. There are themes that are common to all NHS organisations. What this survey does is to really give us insight into the areas where we are absolutely getting it right but also where we need to be putting our energy into making improvements.

“We have fantastic staff who I know go the extra mile for patients and their colleagues. We want to do all we can to support them and part of that is listening and importantly acting on what they have to say.”

Just over 44% of staff from Bolton NHS FT took part in the anonymous survey which was sent out to staff members randomly.

Highlights of 2018 NHS Staff Survey report for Bolton NHS FT:

  • 87.6% of staff said they felt they were able to do their job at a standard they were personally pleased with
  • 78.5% of staff said they receive the respect they deserve from colleagues at work – which places Bolton among the best in the country
  • 89% said they were satisfied with the quality of care they give to patients – which placed Bolton among the best in the country
  • 92.9% said they feel their role makes a difference to patients
  • 87.8% said the organisation acts fairly with regard to career progression/ promotion, regardless of ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.
  • 82.9% agreed or strongly agreed that care of patients is the organisation’s top priority

The full results of the survey can be found at

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