6th December 2012

Please click on the links below to download copies of the papers from the Board meeting on the 6th December 2012.

1. Public Board Meeting Agenda 6.12.12 [378kb] PDF

4. Minutes of Meeting Held 4.10.12 [160kb] PDF

5. Action Sheet from 4.10.12 [16kb] PDF

8. Performance Dashboard 6.12.12 [264kb] PDF

9. Finance Update 6.12.12 [119kb] PDF

10. Revised Scheme of Delegation 6.12.12 [78kb] PDF

11. Medical Revalidation 6.12.12 [448kb] PDF

12. Major Incident Arrangements 6.12.12 [258kb] PDF

13. Standards for members of NHS Boards 6.12.12 [373kb] PDF

14. Charitable Funds Committee Minutes 6.12.12 [204kb] PDF

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