Reference 2016-266

REF:            2016-266

Subject:        Prostate Cancer




  1. We understand the Trust has a Urology MDT and a Urology Specialist MDT.  Please can you confirm if these MDTs are still operational?
  2. If yes, please confirm if the following individuals/roles are still members of the MDTs?


7 x Consultant Urological Surgeon

4 x Consultant Urological Surgeon (Wigan)

Consultant Urological Surgeon (Bolton)

Specialist Dr in Urology

2 x Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Consultant Medical Oncologist

2 x Consultant Histopathologist

Consultant Histopathologist (Bolton)

Consultant Histopathologist (Wigan)

2 x Consultant Radiologist

Consultant Uroradiologist

Consultant Radiologist (Wigan)

2 x Consultant Radiologist (Bolton)

Consultant Nurse

3 x Cancer Nurse Specialist

2 x Cancer Nurse Specialist (Bolton)

2 x Cancer Nurse Specialist (Wigan)

MDT Coordinator

MDT Coordinator (Bolton)

MDT Coordinator (Wigan)


  1. Please can you confirm whether the Trust still references the following document(s) in relation to the treatment of patients with Prostate Cancer:

Operational Policy for the Urology Cancer SMDT April 2015 – Review date April 2016 (Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust)

  1. Does the Trust reference any other Referral Pathways / Care Pathways in relation to the treatment of Prostate Cancer?  If so, please provide a copy or website link.
  2. If yes, when is/are the document(s) expected to be reviewed?
  3. Please can you confirm whether we are permitted to reuse the above information under the Open Government Licence?




Please find information attached.

 2016-266 – FOI Enquiry – Prostate Cancer [95 kb] PDF


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