Reference 2016-267

REF:            2016-267

Subject:        Pre-operative assessment clinic




  1. Number of patients seen per year in the pre-operative assessment clinic (average or 2015-16 figures if available)
  2. Number of consultant PAs for pre-operative assessment broken down as follows:
    1. PAs for pre-operative assessment lead consultant
    2. PAs for notes review / routine enquiries
    3. PAs for high risk clinic
  3. Do you run a cardiopulmonary exercise testing service?
  4. If yes, how many consultant PAs are dedicated to this. Are they included in the figures above?
  5. How many WTE trained nurses do you employ in the pre-operative assessment clinic?
  6. How many WTE untrained/support staff do you employ in the pre-operative assessment clinic?
  7. What was the budget for your pre-operative assessment clinic in 2015-16?
  8. How much income was generated by the preoperative assessment clinic in 2015-16?




Please find information attached.

2016-267 – FOI request – Pre-operative assessment clinic [24 kb] Ms Excel


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