Reference 2016-292

REF:            2016-292

Subject:        Hospital parking fees and internet access for young cancer patients




  1. Where a cancer patient is under 17, do car parking exemptions for cancer patients (as specified on the hospital website) apply to their parent or guardian?
  2. Do these exemptions or concessions apply to cancer patients who are attending follow up appointments (i.e. they are not undergoing active treatment)?
  3. Where do you display information about parking concessions or exemptions/how are those eligible informed?
  4. How many exemptions have been awarded in the years 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 to:
  5. Parents of children with cancer, and
  6. Young people (17- 25 years old) with cancer
  7. How many complaints have you received from cancer patients 17-25 years old or parents of children with cancer regarding car parking charges or information about car parking charges in the following years?
  8. 2011/2012
  9. 2012/2013
  10. 2013/2014
  11. 2014/2015
  12. 2015/2016
  13. Do you have wireless internet (wi-fi) available to cancer patients under 25 years old and their families on the appropriate ward and/or elsewhere in the hospital?
  14. If so, is this free or is there a charge for this? (Please include details where there is an initial free period, followed by charged access)
  15. What is the internet connection speed? (Please specify the speed in the areas where young cancer patients access, for example the wards)
  16. How many complaints have you received from cancer patients under 25 years old or parents of children with cancer regarding access to the internet or wi-fi in your hospital in the following years?
  17. 2011/2012
  18. 2012/2013
  19. 2013/2014
  20. 2014/2015
  21. 2015/2016





We do not treat young people with cancer at this hospital.



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