Reference 2016-375

REF:            2016-375

Subject:        Pharmaceutical Payments




This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


NHS trusts are reportedly meant to keep a register of payments from pharmaceutical companies (and other relevant companies) to staff, in case of conflicts of interest [1]. I am requesting a copy of the register for this Trust – which I would hope includes details of all relevant payments to staff and any related potential conflicts of interest. If it would be possible to have this information in an appropriate structured data format

– for example, a CSV file – this would be helpful. If this Trust does not have a complete register, I would request: the release of the information on this topic that the Trust does hold; and an explanation of why the Trust does not hold a complete register.

I am also requesting the number of staff members who have been the subject of internal investigations or disciplinary proceedings in relation to purported conflicts of interest, or the failure to declare them, and the outcomes of these investigations or proceedings.




Declarations are made using a secure survey monkey account – the overview shows the questions asked (we also record null responses)  the excel file is the data for the declarations made.

Please find information attached.

2016-375 Freedom of Information Request – Pharmaceutical Payments [72 kb] Ms Excel


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