Reference 2016-380

REF:            2016-380

Subject:        Digital Maturity Index




We have attached a PDF profile of what your organisation currently looks like and a small excel workbook to show what information we have on your organisation and for you to be able to change this if appropriate. Speed for you is key, so if you do not have all the answers or all the detail, please just fill in what you know, with particular priority on systems already expired, unknown information or if you have presence of any new system (highlighted fields).

As a minimum validation, please state the name of the supplier, system name, installation date and expiration date. If not already on the excel sheet, and if your organisation does not offer that service, then please enter “no department offered”. Equally, if you provide the service but do not have a system in place please enter “no system installed”.




Please find information attached.

2016-380 FOI request – Digital Maturity Index [32 kb] Ms Excel


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