Reference 2016-385

REF:            2016-385

Subject:        Staff Access to Psychological Therapy



  1. What is the referral process for NHS staff accessing psychological therapy? (Self-referral/Line-manager/GP / Occupational health?)
  2. Are there criteria for those who are offered the therapy? (e.g. specific problems (e.g. work related); must have tried self-help/online-resource/IAPT/ employee assistance programme/counselling first)
  3. Is the therapy service run within the Occupational Health department or run separately?
  4. How much need is there for the service? How many days per week (whole time equivalent) is dedicated to psychological therapy for NHS staff?
  5. What kinds of mental health problems are staff approaching Occupational Health/Psychology Department with?
  6. What kind of psychological therapy do you offer?
  7. What is the maximum number of sessions offered?
  8. Do you communicate any information with managers, GPs, Occupational Health, etc.?
  9. Are there any problems that you refer on, for example if they are unsuitable? If so, what kind of problems are these? Are there any unmet needs?
  10. Do you collect any outcome measures to evaluate the service?
  11. Has the Trust done any research on the access to psychological therapy for staff?




Please find information attached.

2016-385 – FOI request – Staff Access to Psychological Therapy [98 kb] PDF


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