Reference 2016-386

REF:            2016-386

Subject:        Ear Syringing training




I am completing a project for my university course and cannot find the information I need online.  I was wondering if you could help me with the information I need. I wish to know what training is undertaken for nurses/ auxiliaries to enable them to become qualified in ear syringing and the techniques involved in this.

How often are the nurses retrained?

How long are the courses?

Who delivers the training? Is it external or in house?

What is the qualification entitled?




How often are the nurses retrained?


District Nursing and Treatment room nursing staff at Bolton NHS  FT receive training from a trainer with a qualification from the Rotherham Ear Care Centre who advises every two years for updates. In our Trust HCA’s are not able to train and perform ear syringing.
How long are the courses?


We have had the training delivered for one day for beginners and half a day for nurses who have had the full training but require an update.

Who delivers the training? Is it external or in house?


The training is delivered in-house by an external trainer with a Rotherham Ear Care qualification and there is a cost to this dependent upon whether it is a full day or an update and the number of delegates.
What is the qualification entitled?


The course accessed by the staff that is delivered in-house is a certificate in ear syringing where they have had theory and practice competencies assessed. The training involves learning how to remove wax with an ear syringing machine that gently pulses water into the ear to push the wax out. The training also involves the anatomy and physiology of the ear, indications for ear syringing, pre-assessment and post-syringing care and what advice to give to patients.

Staff are able to access courses such as the diploma at Rotherham Ear Care Centre which then enables them to be able to train others but at present we do not have any staff with this qualification. Again this is at a cost and more information can be found at


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