Reference 2016-401

REF:            2016-401

Subject:        Doctor and nursing vacancies




1)      The number of current doctor and nursing vacancies in the trust broken down by pathway or department. If possible, please also include the length of time vacancies have been open for. (If your reporting only covers vacancies open for a certain length of time, say three months, happy to go with that.

2)      The number of doctor and nursing vacancies the Trust had five years ago. Figure can be this time five years ago or at the start of the financial year five years ago.

3)      The total number of serious incidents at the Trust during each of the last five financial years – and the number of these where concerns over staffing levels were raised either by complainants, review procedures or in investigations.

4)      The number of occasions during each of the last five years wards have been closed and operations cancelled due either partly, or wholly, due to lack of staff.




We asked for clarification and never received a reply, therefore the request have been closed.




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