Reference 2016-402

REF:            2016-402

Subject:        Poisoning incident




Please can you give me a monthly break-down of the “finished admission episodes” involving poisoning with the following substances? I would like the data for each month from May last year to May this year. I have included the coding for each of the substances to assist you.

I understand you supply this data to the HSCIC which I hope means it is easy for you to access and supply to me.

T404 – Poisoning: Other synthetic narcotics

T406 – Poisoning: Other and unspecified narcotics

T409 – Poisoning: Other and unspecified psychodysleptics [hallucinogens]

T436 – Poisoning: Psych stimulants with abuse potential

T438 – Poisoning: Other psychotropic drugs, not elsewhere classified




Please find information attached.

2016-402 – FOI request – Poisoning incident [53 kb] Ms Excel


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