Reference 2016-406

REF:            2016-406

Subject:        ENT departments




  1. What brand/model of the microscopes do you have and how many of each? How many would you have in your satellite/allied smaller hospitals?

    2. What was the capital expenditure of each microscope and how were they purchased?

    3. What are the agreements with the manufacturers/another agency regarding maintenance contracts for the ear microscopes? Can you please provide some contracts by pdf?

    4. How often do these machines breakdown and how often is service called in the last 5 years?

    5. What brand is the typical ear specula used with ear microscopes for adults and children? What is the buy price for such specula?

    6. What is the volume of the specula (adult and children individual volumes please) used through 1 calendar year?



Please find information attached.

2016-406 – FOI request – ENT departments


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