Reference 2016-410

REF:            2016-410

Subject:        Ophthalmology




Details of all the current filled training fellowship posts (or other similar training programmes for post CCT doctors) within your Ophthalmology departments.

Please provide:

  1. Start dates of current posts
  2. End date of current posts
  3. The sub-specialist interest under ophthalmology the training post is within (example: Cataracts, Glaucoma, VR, MR etc.)

I do not require the personal details or information regarding the current post holders, only the area of specialism and the start/end times of the current positions.

Sub-Specialist interest of Fellowship Start date of Fellowship/Training End date of Fellowship/Training
Medical Retina 01/06/2016 20/03/2017




I can confirm that we do not have any clinical fellowships in post within ophthalmology at present.


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