Reference 2016-423

REF:            2016-423

Subject:        Adult Occupational Therapy




  1. Is your Adult OT service integrated with social care and what is the population size covered by the service?
  2. What are your average waiting times for a service?Is this improving?
  3. Please can you provide details of service volumes – number of referrals 2015/2016?
  4. Can you provide staff numbers FTE and skill mix/grade split for your Adult OT service– Do you have difficulty recruiting?
  5. What was your 2015/2016 total cost of adult OT service?
  6. What outcome model does your OT service use?
  7. What performance indicators do you use to monitor your OT services performance?



Please find information attached.

2016-423 – FOI Request – Adult Occupational Therapy [256 kb] PDF