Reference 2016-433

REF:            2016-433

Subject:        Reiki therapy




  1. Do you offer complementary therapies within the trust?
  2. If yes, do you offer Reiki therapy?
  3. Which types of services or departments offer Reiki therapy?
  4. Have you conducted a formal evaluation of the Reiki service? If so, please provide brief details.


In addition, I would like to gather the following details about the provision of your Reiki service within the trust:

  • Reason for offering Reiki therapy
  • Length of time that Reiki therapy has been offered
  • How many sessions of Reiki are provided/patient
  • Number of qualified CAM therapists within the service
  • Number of qualified Reiki therapists within the service
  • Number of referrals to your CAM service
  • Number of patients that have accessed your Reiki service
  • Details about any psychological outcomes (e.g. anxiety, pain) shown to benefit from Reiki
  • Details about any physiological outcomes (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure) shown to benefit from Reiki



We do not provide this service at the Trust.


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