Reference 2016-469

REF:            2016-469

Subject:        Photography  policy and information




1.Do you have a policy regarding photography of patients and/or the use of photographic devices within your organisation, please list and supply all that apply?

  1. How many clinical photographers do you employ?
  2. Do you audit photographs taken of patients within your organisation for clinical and/or non-clinical uses? (Audit means that you actively look at your systems for photographs taken and by whom, also you look at any cameras/devices you allow to be used and report on the use)
  3. Please list all the photographic devices you allow to be used or supply staff to use. I.e. compact cameras, staff personal mobile phones etc.
  4. How many patients (count repeated sessions separately) were photographed by staff not classified as professional clinical photographers during the period 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2015?
  5. Of these how many:
  How many of the above number have recorded consent for the taking of the photographs? How many of the above number have recorded consent for the use of the photographs?
  Taken under Mental Capacity Act best interest test and recorded on records as such Consent for medical records/care use only Consent for teaching use within your organisation only Consent for teaching use outside of your organisation Consent for publication where the publication is named- if not named then count as no consent
In paper notes – no patient/guardian signature            
In paper notes – with patient/guardian signature            
EPR- no patient/guardian signature            
EPR with patient/guardian signature            
On specific photographic consent form – no patient/guardian signature            
On specific photographic consent form – with patient/guardian signature            

If your organisation uses different consent level types please choose the closest match.

  1. How many records exist where consent has been obtained but no photographs are available?
  2. How often are cameras/devices audited?
  3. Do you record the image file numbers that are missing on devices during audit?
  4. Who/which department audits the devices/systems?
  5. How many staff have received informal and formal disciplinary action for breach of related policies?
  6. How does your organisation store clinical photographs? If an electronic system is used please name the system or described the method of storage.
  7. How does this system record consent of the patient?
  8. How does this method control the use of photographs according to consent of the patient?
  9. How many staff have access to this system?
  10. Can these staff access all photographs?
  11. Please provide minutes, actions and outcomes of the results of the audits during the period stated above.
  12. Please provide any risk assessments regarding clinical photography and specifically clinical photography taken by non-professional clinical photographers.




Please find information attached.

2016-469 – FOI request – Photography policy and information [317 kb] PDF

Policy for clinical photography and video recordings of patients – confidentiality, consent, copyright and storage [2 MB] PDF

Risk Register [508 kb] XPS