Reference 2016-481

REF:            2016-481

Subject:        Payroll system




Do you have your own Payroll service or have you outsourced – if so, to who?

What price per payslip do you pay for your Payroll service?

How many years in total is the current contract length with your Payroll provider?

Do you use electronic expenses?

Do you use online-only payslips?

Do you use electronic time and attendance systems for recording additional hours and absences?

If outsourced, do you employ a lead role/s within your organisation whose main duties are to manage the relationship with the Payroll provider?  If so, what NHS Agenda For Change salary band are they?

Who provides your Pensions advice service, is this included in the contract with your Payroll provider?

Are there additional Payroll services charged in additional to the price per payslip for your primary contract?

Does your Payroll provider charge you for late or erroneous documentation?

Does your payroll provider charge for processing advance payments or overpayments of salary?

Does your Payroll provider charge employees to process third party deductions, for example union subscriptions?

Does your Payroll provider charge employees for copies of documentation, for example, copy payslips or P60?

What Key Performance Indicators do you use as a measure of your Payroll provider’s quality of service?

Does your Payroll provider require transactions to be submitted using a chosen platform, for example Self-Service, electronic or paper form?




Please find information attached.

2016-481 – FOI Request – Payroll system [166 kb] PDF