Reference 2016-495

REF:            2016-495

Subject:        Injuries from trampoline activity




Can you please provide me with the number of people arriving at hospital (both at A&E and Minor Injuries Units) in your Trust’s area that are due to injuries caused or related to trampolining.

This means that if the admissions team note that either the main cause or partial cause of the person coming into the hospital or unit is to do with taking part in trampolining activity.

I would like this information broken down in annual figures for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 to date.

Can the figures also be broken down into adult and paediatric admissions?




We are unable to identify ‘Trampoline Injuries’, we would code based on the presenting injury of the patient i.e. broken arm, sprain etc. but not that it was caused by jumping on a trampoline.