Reference 2016-503

REF:            2016-503

Subject:        Removal of Data



Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and any subseqient amendments since then I would like to obtain information on the processing of patient data through the Allscripts Electronic Patient Records System.

What I would like you to confirm is whether it is possible to remove data which has either been incorrectly loaded or loaded onto the wrong patient record particularly if this is discovered a considerable time after the initial input.

I would further like you to confirm that this can be carried out for an individual or a group of patients if required.

Finally please explain how this would be done to align with audit procedures.

If you actually use a different system than Allscript such as Sunrise or indeed any other IT please could you specify what that system is and answer the questions as above.




I can confirm that we do not use Allscripts Patient information system here in Bolton. At present we do not have an electronic patient record per se. Our main patient administration system is Isoft iPM.

Where errors or inaccuracies are discovered in any of our IT systems no data is permanently deleted. Any changes made are on the system audit trail which records what has been changed and by whom.

If a record is assigned to the wrong patient and there is evidence to support this then the records are updated, the changes made and the information manually transcribed to the correct patient.

This Trust takes the accuracy of its data most seriously and where there are any factual inaccuracies you can be assured that they are corrected on a timely basis.