Reference 2016-516

REF:            2016-516

Subject:        Savings on medicines




Regarding my previous FOI request dated 1/9/16, based on the feedback from trusts in response to the request sent previously, we would like to withdraw the original and any subsequent requests as we do not wish to submit NHS staff to significant additional work and as such would like to revise and resubmit the question as below.   We apologise to any trusts who have already undertaken this work – responses will still be gratefully received and processed as part of this work.


For 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17, please indicate how you have delivered or plan to deliver savings on medicines in the example format shown in the table below.  Where product switches have been made outside of contract lines, please indicate for which specific drugs.  Regional or national contract savings do not need to be reported.


Year Scheme Approximate saving
2014-15 Switch from soluble to plain prednisolone. £10,000
2015-16 Biosimilar inlfiximab gainshare £15,000
2015-16 IV paracetamol restriction £2,000
2016-17 Biosimilar etanercept gainshare £10,000

We assume that finance or pharmacy departments will hold a summary of savings schemes for each year which should be readily accessible.  We find it difficult to understand how Trusts are committed to making significant savings without keeping any records of how these savings are made.  We also do not believe that these schemes are commercially sensitive as we are not asking for suppliers, quantities or prices  – we are solely requesting high level figures for each scheme.  If you are unable to provide this detail, please clarify the governance process by which savings are recorded and submitted to the finance department for review.




Please find information attached.

2016-516-foi-request-savings-on-medicines [37 kb] Ms Excel