Reference 2016-526

REF:            2016-526

Subject:        Junior doctors




  1. How much did the trust pay out in overtime for junior doctors of all grades (foundation year 1 up to specialist registrar) in the financial year 2015/16?
    2. What was the highest payment for a junior doctor for a single shift during 2015/16?
    3. For question 2, please state the rate per hour, the date, the grade of the doctor and if there was any reason the rate was higher than usual.
    4. How many cremation forms were completed by junior doctors in 2015/16?
    5. How much were junior doctors paid for each form?
    6. What was the total of the fees received by junior doctors employed at the trust for completing the forms in 2015/16?
    7. If possible, please state the average salary of all junior doctors in the trust including overtime.
    8. If possible, please state the lowest salary and highest salary of all junior doctors in the trust.



Our Junior Doctors are paid through their lead employer Pennine Acute.