Reference 2016-544

REF:            2016-544

Subject:        Utilisation of Rostering Software




  1. Does the trust currently use rostering software?
  2. Please state the name(s) of all rostering provider(s) used, split by the following staffing groups. Where no third parties are used, please explain how these staff are rostered:
  3. Medical & Dental
  4. Nursing & Midwifery
  5. AHPs
  6. Other (please specify)
  7. Does the organisation store its rostering data on its own servers or in the Cloud? Again please provide this information for each of the following staffing groups:
  8. Medical & Dental
  9. Nursing & Midwifery
  10. AHPs
  11. Other (please specify)
  12. What other rota management systems are used by the organisation? Please state the names of any providers used and what they are used for.
  13. Please state the name(s) of all third party tech solutions used by the organisation to manage internal bank staff (Allocate, Liaison, Holt, Brookson etc.). Please split this by the following staffing groups:
  14. Medical & Dental
  15. Nursing & Midwifery
  16. AHPs
  17. Other (please specify)




Please find information attached.

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