Reference 2016-546

REF:            2016-546

Subject:        Mental health services



We are contacting all NHS trusts that provide mental health services under the Freedom of Information Act to formally request information as to what interventions or services meeting this remit already exist. Examples might include:

  • Welfare / debt / money management / housing / legal advice in a mental health setting (inpatient, community or at point of referral)
  • Education to service users about managing finances, particularly if it addresses the emotional and behavioural aspects of this (for example through a recovery college)
  • Screening and support to access advice available elsewhere
  • Integrated care pathways for mental health and financial / welfare support
  • Support into employment, such as individualised placement support
  • Measures to support mental health staff to make referrals for financial advice (eg a central database of advice agencies, a prompting or screening process, training on welfare advice)
  • Helplines that can give financial advice alongside mental health support
  • Social prescribing (for example to adult learning)
  • Peer support projects for people with both financial and mental health problems


Please could you inform us, with regards to Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, of:

  1. Whether you consider financial difficulties in your local health needs assessment?
  2. Whether your mental health service users (for both primary and secondary care) are routinely asked about their financial circumstances or difficulties?
  3. Whether you commission or run, either solely or in partnership with another agency (such as local social care), any specialist services like those listed above for people who have both financial difficulties and mental health problems?
  4. Whether you have a formal and/or informal working arrangement with any external organisations (e.g. Citizens’ Advice Bureaux) providing financial, welfare or debt advice?
  5. How many people using your primary and secondary mental health services are referred to or provided with a specialist service that addresses financial needs?




Bolton is an acute NHS Trust and does not provide mental health services. Greater Manchester West Mental Health do have premises on this site and provide services. I’m sure they could assist with your enquiry.