Reference 2016-548

REF:            2016-548

Subject:        Incorrect medication




I would like to find out on how many occasions incorrect medication was given to patients from the trust. Could you please provide the number of times this occurred broken down by month and hospital for the last five years?

If possible, could I have the type of medicine prescribed and the type given for each occasion?




We encourage all our staff to report all incidents, however minor, particularly involving medication, as this is part of work ongoing to look at how we can then reduce the risk of error. The figures relate to the Royal Bolton Hospital only.


It is not possible to provide an exact answer, as our incident reporting for wrong medication given also includes incidents of wrong dose given or wrong route. The Trust did not record this in the same way prior to 2013, therefore our data only includes June – Dec 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 to date. This is attached by month. The second attachment contains the medicine and dose. However, some of these may have been the correct medicine, and only 3 resulted in moderate harm.


Please see attached files.

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