Reference 2017-102

REF:            2017-102

Subject:        IT systems




Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can you provide information in response to the following questions:

– What PAS system do you currently have in place?

– Do you have any plans to change PAS system?

– If so, when would you look to do this?

– What other systems do you use for RTT management e.g. Qlikview, Tableau

– Do you use ‘excel-based’ or ‘electronic’ PTL?

– Do you use software to manage your PTL?

– If so, which PTL software do you use?

– Do you have an in-house data validation team to validate and manage patient pathways?

– If so, is the team centralised or split up across several specialities?

– How many WTEs are in your data validation team?

– In the last two years, have you ever used external validation resources – for example, procured through a third party supplier?

– If yes, which suppliers did you use? For what period of time were external validation resources used?

– What is the procurement process for selecting external validation resources?

– Please can you send a copy of your patient access policy?



Please find information attached.

2017-102-foi-request-it-systems [110 kb] PDF

160314-bolton-ccg-access-policy-vf [551 kb] PDF