Reference 2017-115

REF:            2017-115

Subject:        Photocopiers / MFDs / Desktop printers contracts




Please could you provide the following information in relation to Photocopiers, Multi-Functional Devices and Desktop Printers?

  1. Type of current contract details?
    2. Name of companies awarded?
    3. What is the length of contract/s and end dates?
    4. Number of devices?
    5. Estimated annual print/copy volume
    6. What is the annual spend?
    7. Please provide details on how these were procured. i.e.– By Framework
    a. Procurement method that’s used
    b. If Framework, please state which one
    8. Do you have any print management software? If so, which software?
    9. Do they supply you with any scanning software (additional to the software native to the device)? If so, which software?
    10. What Document Management solution/s do you currently use within your organisation?
  2. Do you have any managed cloud hosting solution? If so which software / provider?
  3. Do you have any mobile print software? If so, which software?
    13. Who is the person within your organization responsible for the MFDs and the contract(s), what is their title, and their contact details?




Please find information attached.

2017-115-foi-request-photocopiers-mfds-desktop-printers-contracts [114 kb] PDF