Reference 2017-120

REF:            2017-120

Subject:        Water Hygiene




Can you please provide me with the following information relating to Bolton NHS Foundation Trust?

This request relates specifically to water hygiene and the measures taken to prevent infection from waterborne pathogens.

Can you please advise the number of point-of-use filters used per annum by the Trust to prevent waterborne bacteria exiting the water system.

Ideally a breakdown giving the number of filters used in 2014-2015 and 2016. However if only approximate annual usage figures are available then this will be adequate for our purposes.




The Trust does not regularly use point of use water filters but we have a contingency should a situation arise that requires us to provide water of a known safe quality.

The Trust has a stock of point of use filters and adaptors which will allow us to provide a designated safe outlet whilst water quality test are carried out.


The Trust has had one situation were four filters were fitted in May 2016 for a 30 day period, water quality test were carried out and the water was safe and the filters removed. Prior to this event filters have not previously been used.