Reference 2017-122

REF:            2017-122

Subject:        IT systems




Please answer these questions detailed below apart of the freedom of information act.

Freedom of information act questions:

  1. What is your current theatre system?
  2. What is your ssd system?
  3. Are you using EPR?
  4. What EPR system are you using?
  5. What is your PAS system?
  6. What is your annual budget for 2016?
  7. How much of the annual budget is spent on IT?
  8. What is your IT Strategy for 2016?
  9. Do you have public Wi-Fi available?
  10. Please can I see your organisational structure for the IT department and the executive overview organisational structure?
  11. What are the dates and details for your PAS system, in which the contract ends?
  12. What is your scantrack site?
  13. What is the likely for this to procure in the next three years?
  14. What is the date you are expecting to set new contract for theatre system, sterile service and PAS system?


On further clarification, I have listed out what the acronyms stand for to be clear.

SSD systems= sterile services tracking system

EPR= electronic patient record

PAS= Patient administration system

STP= sustainability transformation plans

Theatre system= the administration system you use in your operating theatres




Please find information attached.

2017-122-foi-request-it-systems [114 kb] PDF