Reference 2017-13

REF:            2017-13

Subject:        Public Funerals




  1. Has the Trust conducted any Public Health funerals between 01/01/2016 and the date you respond to this request? If so, please list the name, date of death and date of birth for each of the deceased for whom a Public Health Act funeral was undertaken.
  2. Please confirm that the Trust has used the research company Estate Research to locate the next of kin of a deceased person from whom the Trust has taken responsibility for conducting a public health funeral.
  3. Has the Trust also used any other research companied? If so, which?
  4. For what specific reason does the Trust provide information to the researcher(s) to locate the next of kin of deceased persons who die in the district?
  5. Which statutory function (if any) is the Trust fulfilling when it engages researchers to seek to identify next of kin?
  6. In particular, what is the perceived benefit to the Trust of entering into this arrangement?
  7. Why does the Trust choose to provide information to a researcher rather than simply refer all deaths which are intestate with no known next of kin and assets of over £500 to the Government Legal Department’s Bona Vacantia Division?
  8. What due diligence process was used and against which criteria were the chosen companies selected in preference to any other research company?
  9. Why is the information not passed to more than one researcher at a time?
  10. Is the Trust aware that the research company is likely to derive a commercial benefit from the location of next of kin and that there are financial implication for the next of kin arising from the Trust making referrals to a single researcher?
  11. Any arrangement between the Trust and the research company will form a contract, even if not formalised. Please provide copies of any and all documents associated with the arrangement including (but not limited to) any tender documents, written contract, confidentiality agreement and referral emails?
  12. Please provide a list, in a spreadsheet, of the names, date of death and date of birth of any deceased persons for whom any genealogical company was used to trace relatives, from the first recorded referral to the most recent?
  13. Does the Trust have a Death in Hospital Procedure or similar written policy or procedure relating to the process that is followed when an individual dies in hospital with no known relatives? If so, please provide a copy.
  14. Does the Trust employ or contract a house clearance company or company providing similar property-related services as part of the process of dealing with the estate following death in hospital which qualifies for a public health funeral? If so, please provide contact details for this company and any documents associated with the arrangement including (but not limited to) any tender documents, written contract, confidentiality agreement and referral emails.




Please find information attached.

2017-13-foi-request-public-funerals [217 kb] PDF


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