Reference 2017-132

REF:            2017-132

Subject:        Contracting of surgical activity




Question 1:

  • In the last 12 months, have you sub-contracted any surgical activity to non-NHS providers (e.g. providers such as Ramsay Health Care, Nuffield Health, BMI, Spire, Care UK)?

Question 2:

  • If yes, which kind of private providers were used to undertake such services? Please select which apply and the name of the sub-contracted companies which were used

Question 3:

  • Please indicate what was the main cause of the need to sub-contract activity (please allocate an approximate % if multiple reasons)

Question 4:

  • What were the major surgical specialities that were sub-contracted (e.g. Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology etc.)

–      If possible, please provide an estimated % split by speciality of total sub-contracted spend

Question 5:

  • How much was spent by the Trust on sub-contracted surgical activity over the last 12 months?

–      Was this an increase, decrease or similar amount to the previous 12 months?

–      If possible, please provide an estimation of this increase/ decrease (as a %)

Question 6

  • Do you currently have an operational Private Patient Unit?

–      If no, do you plan to open one in the next 12 months?

Question 7

  • If no, what is the reason that you have not opened a Private Patient Unit to date (please allocate an approximate % if multiple reasons)?




Please find information attached.

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