Reference 2017-170

REF:            2017-170

Subject:        Risk register




I am writing to request a set of risk data from your risk register system in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. I would like to obtain the data for the following five risks that were registered in your risk register system in the last 5 years:

–       C difficile infections (or any other infection control related risks)

–       Access to blood fridge

–       Slippery floor

–       Trailing cables (or cable trip hazards related risks)

–       Staff shortage


Please note that I am not looking for raw number of events, but the following details for each risk:1)     Risk descriptions

2)     Risk type and sub-type

3)     Initial (or inherent), current (or residual) and targeted risk (likelihood and consequence) scores


For instance, please see the table below (if cannot be seen, please see the attached letter);

Report Time Risk Risk description Risk type/


Initial risk score


Current risk score


Targeted risk score (L,C)
01/03/13 C difficile Effective management systems are not in place to protect people from the risk of hospital acquired C Difficile Clinical risks/ infection control L=5, C=5 L=4, C=4 L=3, C=3
05/04/13 C difficile Increased morbidity and mortality associated with  Difficile Clinical risk/ infection control L=5, C=5 L=5, C=4 L=4, C=3

I understand that these may involve confidential data, I would really appreciate if I can get an anonymous version of the data for the requested details. I am seeking this information for my PhD research in order to investigate how the same risks are rated in different trusts, how this has changed over time (5 years) and how different scoring leads to different levels of management attention.



We can produce this for what is on now, but not for what was on over the past 5 years.


Please find the attached response as a spreadsheet. We do not record, “Risk Type” or “Sub Type” at present, so this is not information we could supply; even if we did, the parameters would differ for each Trust. There is no national standard for these across the NHS.

2017-170-foi-request-risk-register [13 kb] Ms Excel