Reference 2017-174

REF:            2017-174

Subject:        Mammography provision



I would like to submit the following FOI request – as attached. This is in relation to mammography provision within your Trust.



1. Please can you provide the following information for each piece of mammography equipment? (Please complete the attached spreadsheet)
Manufacturer GE
Model GE Seno Essential
Location – Hospital Name or Mobile Van Bolton Unit, Bolton One, Nye Bevan House Rochdale, Radcliffe Primary Care Centre Bury
Function – Breast Screening/ Assessment/ Screening & Assessment Bolton One, Nye Bevan, Radcliffe PCC – Breast Screening.

Bolton Unit – Breast Screening/Assessment

Method of Finance at Procurement (Trust/Lease/MES/Charity/PFI)


Bolton One – 2012 – leased Rochdale PCT

Nye Bevan – 2010 – leased Rochdale PCT

Radcliffe PCC – 2011 – leased Rochdale PCT

Bolton Unit –  Room 1 Serviced in MFS from 2011

Room 2 – 2011 leased 3 PCT’s – shared equipment

Room 3 – 2011 MFS Funded

Initial cost of Equipment Commercial in confidence
Annual Maintenance cost
Acquisition Date


Bolton One – June 2012 – to be replaced 2027

Nye Bevan – 2010 – to be replaced 2025

Radcliffe – 2011- to be replaced 2026

Bolton Unit – Room 1 2009 – to be replaced 2019

Room 2 2011 – to be replaced 2021

Room 3 March 2012 – to be replaced 2022

Planned Replacement Date
2. If you are a Breast screening provider – where is the assessment clinic that you then send your follow up referrals to? Assessment clinics are held at Royal Bolton Hospital Breast Unit



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