Reference 2017-179

REF:            2017-179

Subject:        PD-L1 testing




This is a request, under the Freedom of Information Act, for access to information held by your organization.

The requested information will be held within your pathology/histopathology laboratories and is in relation to PD-L1 testing offered. Attached to this email is a questionnaire, in a multiple-choice tick box format. The nature of the information requested and the format of the questionnaire should mean that this will not be time consuming for the laboratories to complete. Even if PD-L1 testing is not performed in-house by your own laboratories, please still forward the questionnaire to the relevant department, as the laboratory may send-out their PD-L1 testing to an external institution and information regarding the institution to which they send their samples is also relevant to this request.

Data provided will be anonymized and analyzed to support a press release on current PD-L1 laboratory testing practice in Europe.


Please find information attached.

2017-179-foi-request-pd-l1-testing [165 kb] PDF


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