Reference 2017-18

REF:            2017-18

Subject:        Translation services




The following questions refer to any translation from another language into English, or from English into another language.

For the last four financial years, please provide the following details:

  1. How much your trust has spent on the translation of written information for patients or carers?
  2. How much your trust has spent on translation/interpreter services?
  3. How much your trust has been spent on the employment of translators/interpreters?
  4. How much your trust has spent on employing advocates for non-English speakers?
  5. Which languages did your interpreters/translators work from or to?
  6. a) Please list each language
  7. b) Please list the number of interpreters/translators who worked for you in each language
  8. c) Please list how many times the interpreters/translators worked for you in each language.




Please find information attached.

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