Reference 2017-180

REF:            2017-180

Subject:        Blacklisted patients




For each of the last 10 years please tell me:

How many patients were ‘blacklisted’ from the trust?

And for each patient please tell me:

  1. Their sex
  2. Their age
  3. Where they were ‘blacklisted’ from (eg department name, several departments, whole trust)
  4. Reason why (eg violent towards staff, abusive towards staff, nuisance, persistent complainer, irrevocable breakdown in relationship)
  5. Detail behind the reason (eg staff member punched, breakdown in relationship due to unresolved complaints etc)
  6. Whether they are still ‘blacklisted’


If a patient was ‘blacklisted’ for more than one year, please make clear in the figures




We have not blacklisted any patient from the Trust.


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