Reference 2017-183

REF:            2017-183

Subject:        Catering survey




From the NHS list of hospitals I gathered that you have about 650 beds at the Royal Bolton Hospital, is that still correct?

From that same list I have seen that you produce your food in house in your on-site central production unit, please correct me if I’m wrong here? May I ask if these meals produced in your central production unit are provided in a ‘cook serve’, ‘cook chill’ or ‘cook freeze’ way?

Now my follow-up questions from this are:

-Whether your site offers bulk or plated service?

o   Bulked

o   Plated

– Do you use plastic or china cutlery and plates?

o   Plastic

o   China

– When it comes to your purchasing process in the catering sector, do you have a centralized system with a purchasing department or are the individual people allowed to make their orders themselves (up to a certain limit)?

o   Centralized system

o   Decentralized system

– Where do you get the information about the products you need from?

o   Manufacturer

o   Dealer

o   Purchasing department

o   Internet

o   Price list

o   Others:  ____________________________

– Are those who you get your information from the ones you also buy from or do you use a different authority for that?

  • Manufacturer
  • Dealer
  • Purchasing department
  • Internet
  • Price list
  • Others:  ____________________________

-From whom do you buy your products in the end?

o   Manufacturer

o   Dealer



Please see information attached.

2017-183-foi-request-catering-survey [107 kb] PDF


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