Reference 2017-250

REF:            2017-250

Subject:        Primary care streaming investigation




  1. Does your trust have a primary care triage/primary care streaming unit within A&E?

If yes, please answer the below questions:

  1. How does the service function?
  2. Service operation hours? i.e. 8am-11pm (365 days a year)
  3. How long has the Trust had this unit running? (Please state years and months)
  4. How is the unit funded? i.e. by the CCG or Trust
  5. Who has operational responsibility for running it?
  6. Please give a breakdown of how many GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Receptionists are employed to staff the unit?
  7. Are you able to consistently meet these staffing requirements?
  8. How often has the unit had to close, or close early due to staffing requirements?
  9. Total number of patients triaged to a co-located primary care service per month?
  10. Total returned to A&E from co-located primary care per month?
  11. Total number of patients directed to out of hospital services following triage per month?




Please find information attached.

2017-250-foi-request-primary-care-streaming-investigation [116 kb] PDF