Reference 2017-266

REF:            2017-266

Subject:        Overseas Visitors




1) In relation to the costs recouped by your Trust as a result of these policies for the financial

years 2014/15, 2015/16, and 2016/17, I would like to know:

  • The total number of ‘Overseas Visitors’ who were invoiced for using services in each of these financial years.
  • The total amount of income ‘Overseas Visitors’ were invoiced for in each of these financial years.
  • The number of these invoices which were sent to UK addresses and the total amount they represented.
  • The total amount of payments actually recovered in each of these financial years.
  • The amount of debts written off in each of these financial years.

2) In relation to the costs incurred by your Trust of implementing these policies, I would like to


  • The cost of funding the salaries of Overseas Visitors Manager/s and any staff supporting them
  • Any other costs associated with this work, including those such as facilities and equipment.
  • The overall cost of implementing these policies.


3) I would also like to request:

  • Copies of any communications with the Department of Health, including emails, electronic documentation and meeting minutes, regarding this matter which relates specifically to your Trust, for example feedback on your performance following submission of the data.
  • The minutes of any board meetings where this matter was discussed.

4) Any other information which you believe is relevant to this request.

5) I would also like to know whether or not your Trust has been identified as one of those citied by Jeremy Hunt in ‘Making a Fair Contribution’ as one that “NHS Improvement will work intensively over the coming months with” because it is considered to be one of those “who has the most potential to recover costs” as a result of its “geography and size”.



Please find information attached.

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