Reference 2017-344

REF:            2017-344

Subject:        Energy initiatives




  • Please state the organisation’s carbon reduction target


  • Lighting
  1. Has the organisation updated any of its lighting to energy efficient LEDs?
  2. What % of lighting assets have been upgraded?
  3. How many bulbs, tubes etc does this represent?
  4. What date did these upgrades take place?
  5. What was the total value of the initial investment?
  6. How did you fund the investment? Please include the name of any third party finance providers.
  7. What are the projected annual savings?
    1. Budgeted
    2. Actual
  8. Over how many years is this project expected to break even?
  9. Does the organisation have further plans to upgrade lighting?
  10. If so, has all the required funding been secured?
  11. When is the project due to start?
  12. Are there any further plans identified where funding has not yet been secured?
  13. Who at the organisation is accountable for securing the funding and management of these projects (please provide name and job title)?


  • Other Energy-Saving Initiatives

What other efficiency projects have you engaged with? Please list all current and planned projects and provide the following information:


(LEDs, CHP, Energy Management Systems etc.)

Project Start Date Investment Value (£) Details

(e.g. to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills the trusts installed x, y and z…)

How was it funded?

(e.g. loan agreement through Salix etc.)

Expected Annual Savings (£) Payback period (years) Named person responsible for delivery


  • Third Party Providers

Has the organisation engaged with any third party providers, either a company offering energy efficiency financing (Green Investment Bank, Salix Finance etc.) or through energy performance contracts (EPCs) with energy service providers, to fund the organisations energy efficiency initiatives? Please provide the following details for all arrangements, including any already listed in responses to previous questions:

Provider name Who at the trust signed the contract? Name of framework used Contract Start Contract End Annual cost to the trust (£)





Please find information attached.

2017-344 – FOI request – Energy initiatives [214 kb] PDF