Reference 2017-350

REF:            2017-350

Subject:        Gifts and hospitality register




I would like information on your organisation’s gifts and hospitality register (or equivalent).

I would like a breakdown in the last five years, items which have been logged on your organisation’s gifts and hospitality register by staff, detailing:

Date item was declared

Description of item

Reason for the gift/hospitality


Whether the item was accepted or declined

Additionally, does your organisation have a monetary limit on gifts (i.e. gifts worth under £50 are allowed) and can cash gifts ever permitted?




Please find information attached.

2017-350 – FOI request – Gifts and hospitality register [19 kb] Ms Excel

The spreadsheet contain two tabs, one is for online declarations and the second tab when we recorded the data manually.


The policy attached is in the process to be approved.