Reference 2017-363

REF:            2017-363

Subject:        Current Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services    



  1. Who is your current and previous NEPTS operator (spanning the last 3 years or existing contract- whichever is longer?
  2. What is the current contract (s) end date (s) and are there any provision for extensions?
  3. Who or which body would the procurement of your future contract be made by?
  4. Please provide the name, address, email and telephone number of the person responsible for the commissioning of services and the same for the person responsible for reviewing contract performance.
  5. Please provide the current Service Speciation’s in place across the contract (s).
  6. How is your current contract operated (in lots or as a whole)? What are the different budgets for these?
  7. What is your forecast spend in the following years (please break this down by service: scheduled patient journeys excl. renal, renal patient journeys, high dependency, secure and staff (if this is not available then please provide the total spend)
  8. 2017/18?
  9. 2018/19?
  10. 2019/20?
  11. Please provide KPI and Penalties measure in place across this contract and the most recent performance review of the same.
  12. Please provide the current Patient Transport Eligibility policy and what are your provisions for revision to this?
  13. What is your policy on transporting Escorts? Do you currently make payment provisions for this?




The Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service is commissioned by the CCG and not Bolton FT. You will need to contact Bolton CCG at