Reference 2017-422

REF:            2017-422

Subject:        Private hospital treatments




1) Please could you provide the number of admitted patient care episodes which are classified according to the 2016 HES Data Dictionary as ADMISORC = 87 Non-NHS run Hospitals for the years 2011 – 2017 inclusive, and specify whether these are elective, emergency or other forms of admission.

2) In providing the above data please could you include duration of spell for each care episode? This is classified as SPELDUR in the 2016 HES data dictionary. Please could you also specify whether the admitted patient died or survived the admission?

3) Please could you provide the numbers of NHS patients who have been sent for treatment in private hospitals by your Trust at the expense of the NHS in each financial year since 2011?

4) Please could you tell me how much has been spent by your Trust on outsourcing treatment of patients to private hospitals in each financial year since 2011? I would be grateful to have this information by Account Code description as used in the response to this question by the Heart of England Foundation Trust, given in the FOI response indicated here:




We asked for clarification and never received a reply therefore this FOI request has now been closed.