Reference 2017-434

REF:            2017-434

Subject:        Neonatal incidents and fatality




For the past three financial year (2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17) please can you provide me from the trust’s maternity department (or departments if covering more than one acute medical facility):

The number of births, number of neonatal deaths and number of serious untoward incidents within the department.

How many investigations were undertaken by the trust into deaths and SUIs in the department?

How many delivering mothers or newborn children (within one week of birth) were relayed to another hospital by the department due to complications or the need for specialist treatment?

For the last financial year only can you please provide me with redacted copies of all investigation reports made by the trust after neonatal deaths and SUIs.




Please find information attached.

2017-434 – FOI request – Neonatal incidents and fatality [118 kb] PDF