Reference 2017-438

REF:            2017-438

Subject:        Medical Devices at the Trust




Dear FOI Officer,

I’m trying to find out some information on the numbers and types of specific medical devices used across the Trust. Please be so kind as to fill in the below form

  Manufacturer & Model Quantity Date Purchased Value
Volumetric Pumps        
Syringe Pumps        
TCI Pumps        
PCA Pumps        
Epidural Pumps        
MRI Compatible Pumps        

The information is typically held in the asset register kept by the EBME department (also called Medical Physics, Medical electronics, MEMS etc.). If it is easier, feel free to send a copy of the register instead of filling in the form.

Please note:
– Where numerous purchases have been made over the years, please provide the date of the largest/ most significant purchase
– If you choose to send an asset register please ensure the document is editable and contains the make, model, quantity and purchase date.




  Manufacturer & Model Quantity Date Purchased Value
Volumetric Pumps Arcomed Braun 344 Various/contract Contract + Near end of useful life
Syringe Pumps Braun Arcomed CME 430 Various + Contract Various
TCI Pumps Alaris 6 Various £1750 ea
PCA Pumps Omnifuse 40 Various Near end of life
Epidural Pumps Sapphire Hosa 18 October 2014 £975 ea
MRI Compatible Pumps