Reference 2017-519

REF:            2017-519

Subject:        Apprenticeships




I am writing to make a request for all the information to which I am entitled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Please send me:

1) Total number of apprentices employed by you?

2a) List of job description(s) / job role(s) being carried out by apprentices

2b)  The total number of apprentice(s) appointed in each role (listed in the answer to 2a)

2c)  For newly recruited apprentices (excluding apprentices who are existing staff) – what is the apprentice rate of pay (per hour) for each of the listed job descriptions/job roles?

3) Are apprentices on the same terms and conditions as your permanent employees? Yes / No

4) Has your organisation reviewed its policy on apprenticeship pay in light of the NHS Staff Council’s jointly agreed guidance on pay for apprenticeships in the NHS

5.a) Traineeships are positions offered by employers to those aged 16-24 who are considered ‘not ready’ to take up an apprenticeship or job.  Such positions last between 16 weeks and 6 months.  Does your organisation offer traineeships? Yes / No

5.b) If your organisation offers traineeships, do you pay them? Yes / No

6) Are you planning to take on nursing and Allied Health Professional (AHP) degree apprentices in 2017/18? Yes / N0

7) What is the apprenticeship completion rate in your organisation in 2016/17?

8) Do apprentices have a guarantee of a job at the end of the scheme? Yes/No

9) In order to meet the organisation’s target for new apprenticeship starts for 2017/18, what proportion of new starts have come from:

a) Recruitment of new apprentices from external sources (including training providers);

b) Transfer of existing staff to the apprentice programme;

c) Other (Please specify)

10) In order to meet the organisation’s target for new apprenticeship starts, have you reduced recruitment of staff who are not apprentices? Yes / No

11) In order to meet the organisation’s target for new apprenticeship starts, have you opted not to replace non-apprentice staff when they have left? Yes / No




Please find information attached.

2017-519 Freedom of Information Request Apprenticeships [198 kb] PDF


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