Reference 2017-520

REF:            2017-520

Subject:        Hospital food




Please could you tell me the cost of feeding one inpatient per day (patient meal day). I would like the average daily cost for all meals and beverages fed to one inpatient per day.

This figure SHOULD NOT include additional costs like staffing. I would just like the figure for how much is spent daily, per patient on all food and drink only.

This is not the average cost for a single meal but for all meals and beverages cooked for the patients in one day.

Where possible please supply the latest possible data 2016/17 and 2015/16.




Under section 21 information already reasonably accessible


This exemption applies if the information requested is already accessible to the requester. You could apply this if you know that the requester already has the information, or if it is already in the public domain.


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