Reference 2017-532

REF:            2017-532

Subject:        A&E stats




Please may I request that the attached spreadsheet is populated?

The questions are (All Emergency Department related):

  • Annual attendances
  • Of which how many ambulance attendances?
  • Majors/minors ration (approximate %)
  • Consultant WTE
  • Middle Grade WTE
  • Junior Doctor WTE
  • ACP WTE (including any in training)
  • RN WTE




Under section 21 information already accesible


Please follow the link to our annual accounts


I have summarised in the table below.  Data is as at 16/10/17


Sum of FTE
Group Total
ANP 7.69
Consultant 10.9
ENP 7.49
HCA 25.24
Junior Doctor 8
Middle Grade 5.4
RN 83.04
Grand Total 147.766

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