Reference 2017-55

REF:            2017-55

Subject:        Take up of Biosimilar Benepali




Please can you provide information on the following?

  1. Total number of patients being treated for rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Total number of patients suitable for Benepali
  3. Total number of patients that have been prescribed Benepali so far
  4. Expected number of patients to be on Benepali in 12 months’ time (if predicted)


Policy on Benepali:

  1. Is your hospital automatically switching patients from Etanercept to Benepali?
  2. Are your rheumatologists using Benepali as a first line anti-TNF treatment in TNF-naive patients?
  3. How much do you anticipate saving per year by switching from Etanercept to Benepali?




Please find information attached.

2017-55-foi-request-take-up-of-biosimilar-benepali [118 kb] PDF


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